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Flower Chix delivers in Calgary and many surrounding areas. In fact same day delivery may also be available. Please contact us directly to be sure. We must contact the recipient to ensure the correct address and someone will be there to receive the delivery.

Calgary $15
Airdrie $25
Chestermere $25
Langdon $30
Okotoks $25
Cochrane $25
Springbank $22
Bragg Creek $45
High River $45
Strathmore $50

Our shop delivers to the following postal codes: 

T2A 2K9, T2G 1Z4, T3K 1C2, T3P 0H3, T2C 0A6, T2M 3C4, T3A 5H7, T2C 2M1, T3H 4J6, T3B 4V7, T2L 2L1, T2S 1P8, T2Z 0K1, T2M 3X6, T2E 1N9, T2J 3Y2, T2K 4H6, T2H 1S8, T2G 3K8, T2C 0W2, T2T 0P5, T2V 2S3, T2W 4B9, T2Y 2J4, T3A 1H3, T2E 3J1, T2J 0X7, T2S 1Y7, T2A 0J4, T2T 6R5, T2V 1J9, T2K 5T5, T2A 6L2, T2E 6V8, T2T 4P4, T3B 5E9, T2X 2G9, T3H 3N8, T2W 1S4, T2Z 4G6, T2Z 0Z3, T2N 1L8, T2T 2J7, T3B 6A2, T2T 0E5, T2C 3R9, T3E 5Z7, T2E 8V8, T3C 1Y8, T3H 5B1, T2W 2Y6, T1Y 2A5, T3L 1Y5, T1Y 2H1, T2J 1B4, T3A 2S9, T3A 2V3, T2A 5V6, T2A 0N3, T3B 4X3, T3J 0T7, T2E 4H1, T1Y 5L9, T3E 6T7, T3Z 2G8, T3B 3X7, T3K 4W2, T3A 0M3, T3J 3T3, T2H 1X1, T2K 4Z1, T2V 0N9, T2Y 5E9, T2L 1W4, T3K 5A5, T2C 0R1, T3K 4E4, T2A 1C2, T2A 1J6, T3M 1S3, T3H 4N9, T3E 5X9, T3J 3P2, T3C 0J2, T3J 4L3, T3E 2X4, T3E 0C3, T3C 1X8, T2S 1N8, T2V 5K9, T2K 1N3, T2C 4G3, T3M 2K5, T3M 2N1, T2H 1H2, T2E 3J3, T1Y 1A2, T3M 0N4, T3A 3T1, T2A 4H9.



Every day we work hard to give all those that receive our flowers, not only THE BEST customer service we can but also designs that inspire and leave people wanting more. We guarantee that this fabulous arrangement will look great for days to come. Please call us in the next 48 hours if you are not completely satisfied and we will make it right. If you are still unsatisfied, Flower Chix will provide a full refund on your purchase.